A kitchen without a proper juicer mixer grinder is missing something very essential. A true companion to every home maker, this home appliance is not meant just to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. It helps you in pureeing, mincing, grinding, grating, chopping, kneading, beating ingredients and much more without harming the essential nutrients of the food components. It helps save a lot of your precious time that you otherwise would be spending in your kitchen because all these tasks are after all a part of one’s daily cooking routine. These machines are safe and easy to use and do not consume much electricity.

These appliances, also called food processors have three elements to it – a juicer for deriving juice from fruits and vegetables; a mixer for stirring, whisking and beating and a grinder compartment that is capable of multi-tasking like grounding and shredding meat to pulverizing coffee to crushing Indian spices and much more.

Smaller units comprise of either the mixer grinders or the juicer mixers or the juicer grinders to perform some of the above tasks.

The food processor comprises of all the 3 elements together with different blades, discs, feeding tube to keep on adding food item for slicing or shredding.  Majority of these appliances are operated by electricity but there are available variants that use batteries instead.

While buying for this equipment it is important to check few important parameters like:

a.   Wattage: The first technical spec to check for is the power consumption of the motor. Since this device has all the three major elements in one machine it is important that the motor is powerful. The juicer element of the machine needs a dominant motor to separate out the pulp and the liquid content. Typically a 550 or a 750 watts motor is good enough for performing all the varied tasks.

b.  RPM (Rotation per minute) and star ratings are important considerations too.

c.  Number of jars: first and foremost the juicer jar has to be separate. With 3 to 4 jars, the separate grinder can be used for wet and dry grinding.

d.  Speeds: A machine that comes with at least three speed levels is a good buy. Some machines these days have the electronic speed sensor that ensures that the machine is grinding or using the mixer at a pre-programmed speed that remains constant throughout. The advantage of variable speeds is that it helps performing tasks at slow, medium and fast speeds depending upon the task requirement. Some machines come with the pulse option that is helpful in crude grinding of food components.

e.   Buying a juicer mixer grinder food processor that has a safety lock is advisable. It means the machine will not start its work if the jars are not fitted properly onto the motor part.

f.  One of the not so important features is the design of the machine. Since we spend lots of money to create an ambient and smart looking kitchen it would be nice if the machines’ look complements with that of the kitchen interiors.