Here is a Quick Guide Of RayPCB assembly. PCB (printed circuit board) is used in all the electrical devices to connect all the mechanical and electrical components together by copper lines to transmit the message and work as a circuit together. And the process and stages of joining and setting up the components according to the desire of the consumer like how they want to design and program the PCB accordingly. PCB assembly is important and every PCB design and implementation is unique and different. Lots of PCB manufacturer provides you the PCB services they can also design and implement the chip/board and provide you your desired programmed PCB in the fast and optimized way. There are lots of manufacturers in the market who can provide you the services but always opt those who are more professional because they are experienced and have lots of links so they can buy material in bulk form which saves a lot of cash than in-house board assembly can cost you.

After the manufacturing, the process of inspection started to control and ensure the quality of programmed or assembled PCBs. How to inspect the quality of PCB assembly, there are a different type of PCB i.e rigid PCB and flex PCB and through this, these PCB types are classified in different groups and through that inspection techniques are implemented accordingly. Here are some standards to do an inspection

  • Every country makes their own standards.
  • Every military creates their own standards.
  • According to the device supplier, PCB inspection operation takes place.
  • According to the design according to the technological terms.
  • License and rules of standards.

There are different types of inspection methods out of the respect of a type of PCB all the methods are designed.

  • Visual inspection.
  • Structural process test system (SPTS).
  1. Automatic optical inspection.
  2. Automatic laser test (ALT) measurement.
  3. X-ray fluoroscopic system.
  4. X-ray lamination system.

Even after different types of methods the best one till date now is X-RAY inspection. Automated inspection technology is used to watch and inspect in detail and in depth of an object. The advantage of X-RAY inspection method as it used rays or light to examine so the object absorbs according to the ratio of its atomic weight the light and radiation according to the density and thickness of the object and because of this heavier object absorb more radiation and can be accessed and imagined easily and tells the information and results of defect or error fast.

The steps of PCB manufacturing

  • Design of PCB
  • Procurement of turnkey orders
  • Verification and preparation of a kit
  • Fabrication of stencil
  • Setup of machine
  • Verification of electric part
  • Assembly
  • Touch up
  • Shipment and quality control

After the assembly, we do inspection and verification of assembly of PCB to maintain the quality of required design and material.