It takes a lot of time and planning to arrange a perfect house party. After all those days and hours spent planning and arranging and shopping to make sure everything goes right, the night finally arrives. The candles are lit, food is prepared, glasses of wine are poured, and dance battles begin, the music bursts. And after this great night, what you face next is anyone’s worst nightmare – Cleaning up. Cleaning up after a wild house party is no easy job. The first question on your mind is, how do you even begin with this ?

The house looks like a tornado hit it. There’s probably broken glasses and bottles, lipstick stains on wine glassed, water rings, food bits, and what not on the floor,  and the worst part is that you’re terribly hungover. So today, we’re going to share some secret tips from cleaning professionals that will let you clean your house with minimal effort.

How to begin ?

First of all, keep in mind the 20/10 rule of cleaning – cleanup for 20 minutes, rest for 10. Now, begin with the big and easy stuff, like vacuuming the floor, mopping the bathrooms, sweeping the backyard, rearranging furniture and big stuff. Once you’re done with it, here comes the tougher part. The details. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for most of it. Here you go –

Water Rings on Furniture

Rub a little bit of non-gel toothpaste on the water ring and wipe it away with a clean cloth.

Broken Glass Pieces

Sweep away the bigger pieces, collect them in a dust pan, and then throw them away. For the smaller, minute shards, use rub the floor with a bread slice.

Stained Glasses

Sometimes the sexy smudge-free lipstick that your girlfriends wear can be a nightmare to scrub off when it’s left on your wine glasses. But, we suggest using some white vinegar and warm water, and the stains would go off in a single scrub.

Carpet Stains

Use some of the leftover beer to get rid of carpet stains, especially wine stains, in case you don’t have the carpet stain-removing gel.

Melted Candles

There is no use scratching at the melted candles as it will only ruin your furniture. Our expert advices instead of scratching tr taking a few ice cubes in a polythene bag, and place them on the wax stains.

For Your Hangover

However great these self cleaning tips maybe, cleaning your home after a party still sucks. So why go through all that trouble yourself when you can just have a lazy a lazy sunday, relaxing and relieving your hangover  and feasting on some takeout eating and watching Netflix ? Let house cleaning service Dubai do the job for you.